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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Talked with Mom this morning. She had surgery Thursday and sounded much better than the last few times we talked. She sore and in some pain, but nothing like she had before the surgery. Now with some rehab she'll be able to go home and return to normal.

Penni is still in the hospital with another bowel blockage. She's scheduled for more chemo next week.

Melissa begins working at Wendy's tomorrow. She's excited right now, we'll see how much enthusiasm she still has after six months.

Last week of the semester. Finals on Wed & Thurs. Don't have to go back until Jan 8. Hope the weather holds and I can get some quality time on the golf course. This time of year I tend to put on weight and it doesn't come off.


Unknown said...

Good news on your Mom! Treadmill time now,eh?

1 plus twins said...

so glad she sounds better and is on her way to recovery. i hope penni's chemo goes well. and wendy's, wow lets see how her excitement is after a week. ha ha i think we all put on weight in the winter, those damn comfort foods!! lol

P M Prescott said...

Just had a student tell me today that Mervyns at both of our malls is hiring anyone who walks in off the street, they are that desperate. Wish I'd known that a couple of weeks sooner, I'd prefer auntypesty working in retail instead of food. But at least she has a job.

Unknown said...

Posting Monday: Have a nice week p m !