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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Son's ex-wife

If there is anything my ex-DIL is capable of doing it is turning everything upside down on a moments notice and then saying, "Never Mind!"
She called E yesterday and wanted him to come and get Ritchie (this is her Christmas with him) as she and her husband (I think they're married, that's why she divorced E?) were having problems and she didn't want Ritchie caught in the middle. E looked into taking the weekend off so he could go, but this time of year that is a near impossibility at the last moment. Yesterday and today are his regular days off, and as it was too late to drive out last night that would mean a 14 to 16 hour drive today. Auntypesty doesn't have orientation for her job until Friday, so she volunteered to drive down with E to share the driving. They were set to leave and 0500 for the all day trip. Grinnygranny and I were looking into someone to watch our Grandson until Christmas break. Then at midnight ex-DIL calls and said that things have been worked out and E doesn't have to come get him. A bit of a relief, a bit of a let down (it would be nice to spend more time with him at this age), and more running around at the last minute for absolutely nothing.

Called and talked to Mom. Needed to let her know that the on-again/off-again trip with the three guys is off-again. She's in rehab with a crumbling vertibra, and can't get the doctor to come in and talk about surgery. She has to have rehab three hours a day in order to stay in the facility, but it is extremely painful. There's also concern that her heart wouldn't be strong enough for the surgery. What a wonderful medical system we have, Medicare will pay for your care financially, but you'll have to endure three hours of torture every day.

ps. Mom called today and she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Bruce is down there, which means he got through all the ice in Oklahoma. Penni is back in the hospital with an infection.


Unknown said...

p m: My thought and prayers are with your Mother, believe me.

P M Prescott said...

It's appreciated

1 plus twins said...

i am so so sorry i haven't been around. i am so sick (i have a quick post about it). anyway, i hope surgery went well and hope the infection is getting under control and on the way to leaving. your family is in my thoughts and prayers all the time.

on another note: that ex dil is a pain in the ass!! sorry, for saying that but geeze everyone in your family had to run like chickens with their heads cut off cuz she was having problems. then you all get it worked out and get excited to see him and bam and midnight it is a no go. that is crap. i am so sorry!! i know you all would have loved to see him.

again sorry i haven't been around, i feel terrible. let us know how things are going.

god bless!