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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after

I sincerely hope that everyone that visits the Family and Friends blog had a Merry Christmas or holy day(s).

We had a nice morning of pancakes for breakfast, opening presents, rested a bit and then a nice dinner. Tried to call Mom and Penni, but got no anser. We also have a tradition (if we're home) a having a James Bond marathon. We start on Christmas Eve after watching the Home Alone movies and A Christmas Story. Today we are finishing up the Sean Connery movies and moving into the Roger Moore phase.

E, his girl friend and her two-year-old son were here as well. They went out in the evening to spend time with Penni's step-son "S".

S and his girlfriend needed a place to stay for the night so they slept on the couch. That'll teach me to whine about not having enough family here for the holiday! All eight of us went out for breakfast this morning. S and girlfriend are moving in with her mother for about a month and plan on moving to Arizona where he is supposed to have a job. I had him call his father, but there was no answer, he left a message and said they talked on Christmas.

Anne Littlewolf called and we had a nice talk. She is getting a lot more work done in her studio with 2 1/2 feet of snow keeping her close to home. She's hoping to have a gallery in Alaska start stocking her drawings and painting soon. It got me thinking I need to line up some book signings after the first of the year. Here's another one her paintings.


1 plus twins said...

and here you thought you would be all alone. glad to hear you weren't.

that christmas story movie is my hubby's favorite. i made the mistake of buying the dvd for him over a week before christmas so instead of seeing all day on christmas i had to see it every day at least once for a week!!

so where in arizona is he moving?? wonder if it is near me!!

Unknown said...

A beautiful portrait and Cheers for Roger Moore! My favorite Bond!!!