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Friday, December 28, 2007

Days of relaxation

S and girlfriend spent another night with us, but are now living with other friends. Their puppy got along alright with Watson, but Lucy wouldn't leave him alone and they had to be separated.

Our poor kitty is sneezing his head off. He's still eating so it's most likely allergies instead of a cold.

Grinnygranny and I went to do some after Christmas shopping. We got E his birthday present and decided to get new sheets. We went to Macy's because I had a coupon good for 15 dollars off. We got two sheet sets that at regular price would have been $120 and our jaws dropped when it rang up for only $22. Eating in the food court cost more than that!

We got a new board game for Christmas called Dread Pirate. We've played it once and it was fun (at least for me -- I won), but so far haven't had a chance to play it again. Now that our house guests are gone we might play it more.

Right now we're watching Octopussy on our marathon of James Bond. My how much technology has changed in the last forty years!
Grinnygranny and I agree that Roger Moore was the best Bond, even though two of the worst Bond movies were his. (Moonraker and View To A Kill)


Unknown said...

p m: Thomas Siefert must be credited with cracking me up with a line from a Bond script where a gorgeous vixen states: "I'm Pussy Galore". Bond: "I must be in Heaven". Hope this isn't too embarassing. As Steve McQueen saiys in "Bullitt", "I'll take the resonsibility".

P M Prescott said...

Not at all, that was the all time best double entendre name of all the movies, and Goldfinger was the best villain of all time.

grandma1 said...

I love my sheets I bought at Macy's. You got after be because they were bought while we were in the townhouse. You know the ones with the great big purple flowers. I'm going to call to wish Eddie a Happy Birthday.