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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

WC 092320


Favorite things to do in autumn.


Enjoy the colors.

Golf: No better time to hit the links. Winter too cold, Spring too windy and Summer too hot. Fall is the best weather.

Paako Ridge on the east side of the Sandia Mountains.

I broke my hand and wrenched my back in a fall four years ago and can't play anymore, real bummer.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Every year, until this one, we have the largest balloon gathering in the world. There are balloons from other countries as well as tourists from all over the world. Every day for nine days there will be a hundred thousand people for the morning ascension and another crowd for the balloon glow in the evening with fireworks after words. 

Taking walks in the morning. The air is crisp, not cold and the air is fresh. Alas the last few years smoke from forest fires have made this pleasant activity hit and miss.

Vacation. Since we retired we like to travel to visit family in Kansas and Oklahoma, or visit sites in New Mexico. This is a spider at White Sands, NM where we went last year. We stayed in Ruidoso, visited the sands. Drove through the Valley of Fire north of Carrizozo, which is a valley covered in lava. And spent time at the Very Large Array. Which is a radio telescope east of Socorro.

Apples: Orchards all over the state sell Champagne, Winesap, Jonathan, Rome, and Red Delicious varieties. There is nothing better than fresh apples by the bushel.

Hatch Chile. Red chile makes wonderful Carne Adovada or pulled pork marinated in it. Green Chile is great on cheese burgers. There is tourista that is mild up to fire eaters that will strip the paint off your car. Both make for great enchiladas, tacos, tamales, pasole, burritos, stuffed sopapillas.

Arts and Craft fairs. Many of schools in town and the State Fair Grounds hold them with all kinds of arts, crafts, food and you name it available. Alas, not happening this year.

For all the apple lovers out there. Free Ebook at Amazon. 09/24/20 through 09/28/20.


Fiona McGier said...

All of your talk about those Mexican foods made me really hungry! I want to get that bumper sticker that says, "I brake for Mexican restaurants." I love hot foods! Add red sangria or a nice, cold beer, and I'm in foodie-heaven!

P M Prescott said...

Oh, glad to tickle your taste buds. One of the things that we missed most in the initial lockdown was not being able to go to our favorite Mexican Restaurants. It was pure heaven when we could finally go in one.

Lydia said...

That balloon fiesta sounds amazing!

P M Prescott said...

Lydia, since 1972, it keeps getting bigger and better.

Mary Morgan said...

It seems many of us agree about apple picking in the fall, Patrick. Great post! I enjoyed your pictures. Though I'm sorry to hear you can no longer play golf.

Dixie Jackson said...

The balloon festival looks amazing. I think it'd be so neat to ride in one, if it weren't for my intense fear of heights. Have you ever ridden in one?

P M Prescott said...

Yes, Mary, apples seem popular.

P M Prescott said...

Dixie, I've gone up twice and it was great both times.

Pine Enshrined Reviews said...

Apples and balloons! Sounds wonderful, hopefully the balloon event happens next year and maybe I get to go!

P M Prescott said...

Tired Buyer you'd have the time of your life, especially if you can book a ride on a balloon. You can get balloon rides here year round.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

We had a thing called Balloon-A-Fair when I worked at a restaurant in college and the town where the little breakfast/lunch place was located was this Balloon-A-Fair. They'd round up a bunch of people to send up their hot air balloons and it was pretty. They didn't do it this year. I remember it being zany at the restaurant because people came out for the festival and found our restaurant for sustenance. Unfortunately, they didn't come back for the rest of the year, but it was fun.

P M Prescott said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Good weather is important, but it can be fun just to watch as well as fly.

Tanith Davenport said...

I love the sound of the balloon fiesta.

P M Prescott said...

Tanith, the sound of the burners makes my heart quicken, which is pretty often as my house is in the flight path for Rainbow Riders which gives balloon rides year round. They land right behind my house in a mesa.