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Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Good Fight

I'm breaking a cardinal rule for me. I'm writing a spoiler filled post. If you have CBS+ and watch the Good Fight, but haven't seen this weeks installment. Leave now. Come back after you've watched it, you may miss the hidden jokes at the end of the show.

This weeks episode has the firm asked by the DOJ to do a complete review of all the evidence on the death of Jeffrey Epstein to determine if it was a suicide or murder. They have two weeks.
The divorce attorney who has a celebrity client sees a picture as they are breaking down all the boxes of evidence. An inmate across from Epstein's cell tells them that Epstein mentioned he'd taken care of a package before he was arrested.
She recognizes a celebrity hair dresser getting off the jet when Epstein is arrested. She knows him and goes to see him. He has the package the inmate mentioned. He still has it and gives it to the attorney. (I know writing this up it is a bit of a stretch in hind sight, but it's like most mystery stories where one clue leads to another and I bought into it.)
The envelope has a key, a letter and on the inside of the envelope a phrase and series of numbers. The key word in the letter is BUD. The investigators for the firm start tracing down these leads. I won't go into the blow by blow, but the numbers are a code to pages, lines and spaces in a specific book. This leads them to finding out who Bill, is mentioned in the code.
The clues lead them to a cryogenics lab and the guy tells him that Epstein was obsessed with immortality. It mentions his house in New Mexico where he was planning on impregnating 100 women to keep his line going. The show then tells how Epstein's body was removed from the morgue and flown to Florida hours after his death, and his body is not in the crypt.
They trace the key and the other clues to a mausoleum on a private island. The two investigators trespass to go inside the building and find a wall where the key fits. They open it and find that the room is empty. They've reached a dead end and leave.
Then the camera tracks through a crack in the room leading to stairs and into another room where there are cryogenic machines with the first one holding a brain, and the second one genitalia, a plague under it reads BUD.
Bravo to the writer or writers. They recreated Citizen Kane.
The double joke is the original movie has the journalists tracking down the word Rosebud, and not figuring it out as the camera shows the boyhood sled named Rosebud. The second joke is that Rosebud was the secret word William Randolph Hearst used with his mistress for her vagina, them man used as a model for Citizen Kane. BUB being used for cock and balls made me laugh my head off.

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