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Monday, March 30, 2020

Cherry Point, NC

I've run into an odd coincidence lately. I was born at Cherry Point, NC. 
Dad was a marine during Korea. I lived there about six months. He was shipped out and Mom took my brother and me to Colorado, with her family, while he was overseas. When he came back he was stationed in California and we moved there. When he mustered out we moved back to Pueblo, Co. Later we moved to Albuquerque and except for five years of exile in Texas while going to college and Seminary it's where I've always lived. 
I've been to both oceans, but was too young to remember them. I spent one night in Galveston  before running a district track meet in Houston my freshman year of college. So the only major body of water I've seen is the Gulf of Mexico.
All my life (and I'm not a spring chicken anymore) every time I mentioned Cherry Point everyone has asked, "Where's that?" I'd never run across anyone who's been born there. Until recently:

Coincidence 1. 

There's a very dear lady in my Writers2writers group named Dr. Irene Blea. I've posted pictures of her books and she is a brilliant writer. She grew up in Pueblo and remembers The Record Music Store, that my maternal grandparents owned. She also lived close to the CF&I steel mill where my paternal grandfather and my dad worked (before he decided going to Korea was safer than working an open hearth.)
While talking with Irene at our last W2W meeting (alas suspended) we were talking about where we were born and  I mentioned Cherry Point. Irene said she was stationed there with her ex-husband during Vietnam and that's where she bore her daughter. Wow, not only someone who actually knew where it was, but lived there and gave birth. Who would have thunk that two people with such disparate backgrounds would have so many points of contact? Before we even met!

Coincidence 2. 
My sister's daughter moved with her father to North Carolina after my sister died from Ovarian cancer. I've mentioned that she has a passage in the book Torch, about Ovarian cancer previously. My niece married a marine and they were stationed at Cherry Point.

Coincidence 3. Berthold Gambrel posts lots of book reviews on his blog. He wrote a review of I Put my Pants on for This? by Jackson Banks. It's a book of short remembrances. I finally got around to reading it and the very first story the author mentions he was born at Cherry Point, NC and lived there for eight years. (Many years after I was born there).

This is getting weird.


Berthold Gambrel said...

Wow, that is very odd.

P M Prescott said...

Glad you think so too, Berthold.