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Monday, January 25, 2010

Question To Ponder

When I was in high school the activities director was Jay Thiebert. His door was always open to any student not supposed to be in class. My senior year I only needed 4 classes to graduate out of the six period schedule. I spent a lot of time in his office with other students.
He was an accomplished artist and I guess out of boredom he started drawing figures of all the students that were regulars in his office and assigning everyone a nickname. The day he made mine he was stuck for about a minute, but he noticed I was wearing my AFJROTC uniform. I was captain of the school's huddle of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and chaplain of the JROTC, so he chose as my nickname Wild Blue Yonder Ponderer.
I've always pondered or thought about things that other people either accept or don't even bother thinking about, which really drives Grinnygranny crazy. There's only one other person I've met who ponders things the way I do and that's Anne Littlewolf, which is one of the reasons we call each other twin.
Soooo, I thought I'd start writing down some thoughts to ponder.

Number 1:

If you work for a soul less entity, will you eventually lose your soul?

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