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Sunday, January 24, 2010


  • This morning the sun was shining for the first time in three days. It looked really nice, so I went to the golf course. Temperature was low forties, but the wind picked up. At first just a gentle breeze but it cut like a knife. I made it through the first nine and went on to the tenth hole, but then the wind became sustained at around 30mph. Headed home. It took some time to thaw out.
  • This is a crazy year for Pro Football. Usually the teams with the strongest defense dominate the playoffs. This year none of the teams playing to day displayed much defense. Maybe offense is in the ascendance.
  • One of my favorite shows this past season is Lie To Me. It shows the different facial expressions and mannerisms people use when lying. You wouldn't think a show whose gimmick is body language would be that good, but it really is. It also has made me a little more attentive to some forms of facial expressions. This morning I watched HBO's Inside Sports with Bryant Gumble. They showed an interview done three years ago with a Doctor in charge of policy regarding concussions in the NFL. Every question about the dangers of concussions and their after effects he repeatedly said, "No," then brought his lips tightly back in a grimace. He did it every time. After about five questions I started laughing. It was a prime example of lying through your teeth. He was obviously grinding his teeth in anger for being forced to lie by the league knowing full well what the real effects of concussions are. In every answer he was violating the Hypocratic oath. Such are the effects of our corporate masters.


One Fly said...

Such they are and I gotta coyote up as well. Yours is closer but what is even more coincidental is yours is standing on ice and mine is in the water. I like it when shit comes together!

P M Prescott said...

Don't we all.