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Monday, November 30, 2009

Where's the audacity?

Michael Moore's open letter to President Obama is spot on.

Paul Krugman has a good op/ed piece in the NY Times as usual. The statistics are grim on unemployment and the response by Washington is a huge yawn.
For high school and college graduates it appears the only place they can get a job is in the military. Dying is a hell of a way to make a living!
I know it's only been a year since Obama's been in office and the crazies taking over the repubs have helped stave off a mass defection from the dems, but all the crazies have to do is let the dems do nothing and they win. The huge turn out of young voters that elected Obama are the ones being short shifted by his and a democratically controlled congress lack of action on a jobs program. They may not turn repub, but they will refrain from voting for the ones who have left them starving and freezing and ten years behind on their economic future.

Let me put this in really simple terms. Think I'm explaining this to Tarzan:

Jobs -- Good.
Employed pay taxes.
Government happy.
Workers pay social security.
Grandma and Grandpa happy.
More money -- spend more in stores.
Spend more in stores -- Good for economy
Good economy -- more jobs.
Jobs -- Good.

No jobs -- Bad
No money -- no taxes
No taxes -- government go broke
No money -- stores go broke
Stores go broke -- lay off more workers
Lay off more workers -- no jobs
No jobs -- Bad

Maybe even the nitwits in the Republican Party can understand this!

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