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Monday, November 09, 2009

Random thoughts

  • Mom has a really good post at her site. I know of whom she's referring, but since she wishes to keep it 3rd person I'm not saying.
  • It's a good thing Harry Teague is our state rep in a different district. If he's going to vote like a republican he should call himself one. Our only no vote on health care. He should hang his head in shame. I hope this gets him fired by the voters in his district, at least they'll know what they're voting for.
  • Health care reform did pass the house, narrowly, but women were given short shift by an anti-abortion measure added to it. Why do women need to be treated like children who have to have a husband or daddy make their decisions for them when it comes to their own bodies? Why do women stand for it?
  • It looks to me like health care reform will die in the senate, cross fingers and hope that I'm wrong, what this will do is make the election next year more about health reform than the economy. Damn I really don't like living in interesting times.
  • Today marks 20 years since the Berlin Wall fell. Other than in the news did you hear a big yawn?


One Fly said...

Even if a bill is passed in the senate chances are very good it will be much worse than the house bill.

Are you guys getting together??


P M Prescott said...

Yes, whenever you can make it down here we're game. Let us know and we'll set it up.