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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Today I started the French Revolution in my World History classes. We have a saying around our school. "Never piss off the history teachers: we teach about revolutions!"

Does anyone else consider it so stupid that if you show a woman's bare breast in paint (in reference to Lady Liberte'), it's art and somehow okay, if it's a picture of a pygmy in Africa in the National Geographic or Smithsonian, it's education, if it's in a magazine that revels in and glorifies the beauty of the feminine physique it's pornography and evil. There seems to be a disconnect here.


Unknown said...

P M: Now I know what a fellow high school teacher told me last summer when he said "Hell, we're not even allowed to teach!" It's not your imagination, my friend. We live in weird times. I have no doubt that you do a great job explaining art from prono. The school boards have been overly-political since I was a Wee One! I feel so bad that you have to put up with this.

Unknown said...

My spelling is poor...Here are the corrections: "a fellow high school teacher friend" and "porno". I blame it on still being tired from being in the hospital. Thanks for your always kind words by the way, PM. They mean a lot!!!!

P M Prescott said...

At the high school level everything is G rated. Porno isn't even mentioned. That's a good way to lose your job.