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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weight lifted

Last week I had six weeks grades due, next step (parent conferences), and pre-registration. When I turned everything in Friday it was like 900 pounds fell off my shoulders. The walk home that day was like I was floating on air. I felt so good in fact that I played 18 holes of golf on Saturday and Grinnygranny and I did nine holes on Sunday. The fact that it was in the 60's with clear skies also helped. This week so far has been much more pleasant. Stress is a funny thing, sometimes you don't know how much you're under until it's lifted.
By Thursday of last week I was starting to say to myself that this wasn't fun anymore and maybe it's time to retire. I'm glad this was only one week long and I now have a better perspective.


Unknown said...

I wish you more of this positive feeling! :)

P M Prescott said...

Thanks it's needed, Michael