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Monday, February 02, 2009

Some Really Good Friends

Here are a number of bloggers I read. For those who come by without leaving comments, maybe you can check them out too.

Though she doesn't blog the painting above is an Anne Littlewolf.

Michael Manning: He used to have a Friday Movie night and might start it again. He does interviews and the last two were very informative. One was with the former CEO of Continental Airlines and the last one was with Barbara Leigh, actress. He also posts about kids with cancer. The man has a huge heart and was gracious enough to leave comments on Penni's caringbridge site.

Russ at privatebuffoon: Is a retired statistician, who lives here and we met last year for a golf match. He used to post under a different blog, but now that W is out of office he's changed the name. He usually ends all his posts with "stop the madness"

Irina Tsukerman: A law student that comments on every subject under the sun. Very refreshing. We had a small little debate on my Captain's Log over closing Guantanamo.

Out of the Cornfield: From Colorado, he's a little more blunt in his opinions than most, but he has good things to say.

Thurman Hart: At expatriated Texan. I wrote a post some time ago entitled The Philosophy of the Sociopath. I've noticed that many viewers that drop by come in on that post via his site.

Scott Horton's No Comment Blog: Not a day goes by without me reading this site. He posts art, poetry, quotes and analyzes them. As well as keen insights on legal issues of the day. He always seems to connect the art with politics of the day. There is a reason why it's called no comment.

Michael Prescott (no relation): Is a mystery writer and I've read of few of his books. He tosses up a topic and the comments from his readers are very deep and insightful. He focuses a lot on the paranormal, but other topics come up as well.

Bian at anaudienceof1: He used to be a prolific poster, and if you check out my Optimus blog I've posted his review of my novel. It was nice of him and extremely appreciated. He fell in love, got married and now posts only sporadically, but he's still worth a look, even if he is on the dark side of education as an administrator.

Paul Krugman: The pulitzer prize winning economist that is an absolute must read in the New York Times opinion section also has this blog. He is a little heavy on charts and graphs, but his explanation of our economy is always top notch. He was the only voice of sanity for eight long years of insanity.

Yikes: Is a lobbyist in DC. She is very insightful politically and I have mentioned her on numerous occasions, usually as a hat tip for something on her site.  

Stop by, try them you'll like them.

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