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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mortality Day

Memorial Days is set aside for all to remember,
We remember our loved ones no longer with us.
Each year the list gets longer for me:
Brother died at birth
All great-grandparents
Paternal and Maternal grandparents
Aunts and Uncles

Then I remember those that weren't family, but I knew in one way or another:
Students that didn't make it through the school year,
Former students
Fellow classmates from High School and College
Brief acquaintances

Some I remember having long, full, and happy lives,
Some I never really knew,
Some I know had lives cut short by disease, accident, combat
Some I mourned for momentarily
Some I mourn for almost every day

The longer the list grows each year,
Reminds me that death is a part of living,
This day forces me to think of my mortality,
Mortality day it should be named, for that is what it is.


Politically Homeless said...

Cheers Patrick...very well said.

Unknown said...

Yes, I concur with Brian. Well said, and thoughtfully so with sensitivity.

grandma1 said...