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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

WC Best Fictional Siblings


Today's Challenge is best fictional siblings.

I came up with Sherlock's brother, but it seems in fiction siblings are usually a burden or bother or enemy. Bobby and J.R. Ewing come to mind in Dallas.

Today I've decided to toot my own horn. The Fan Plan Trilogy.

In book one, 
Meteor Strike I have an oil corporation planning to save civilization as the computers predict the Yellowstone super volcano will explode in 50 to a hundred years. It encompasses from 1900.
They set up the Drake/Eastman Foundation for family members to contribute 10% of their profits as trust fund to build up sufficient principle for the next generation to have the money to implement their Fan Plan 
Sylvia Drake is the daughter of Trans World Oil's founder and marries Henry Eastman. They have a son named Patrick. Henry is to be heir apparent to Lyman Drake, but he's drafted and in OTC is injured in a judo exercise leaving him unable to further father children.

Lyman convinces Sylia and Henry to divorce so his daughter can remarry and have more children. She marries the Randal O'Neil, and they have four children: Randal Jr., Sarah and Brenda (twins) and Oliver Owen (Trip).

Sylvia is not content to stay home, have babies and host tea parties, she insists on becoming Patrick's executive secretary and slowly takes over the running of TGO earning the nickname, Dragon Lady. This sets up the second book Patrick and the O'Neil's grow into adults and start taking responsibility in the family business.

Book Two is Countdown. Patrick gets married and is placed as CEO of Trans Global North America, taking off some of the burden on Henry who can devote more time overseas.

Randal is slated to take over for his father as CFO of TWO, Sarah and Brenda are groomed to take over for her mother as possible candidates for running the corporation.

Oliver Owen (Tip) is groomed to take over as head of the Scientific Secret Police. It was determined that after ten years of volcanic winter and trying to restore civilization it would be done through reason and science not superstition, the SSP would be necessary to nip fanatical religious leaders wanting to blame sin and technology and starting a holy war.

Randal Jr. after graduation from Rice starts taking over the financial reigns of TGO and fathering five children. 

Sarah marries and mothers two daughters. Brenda marries and has one daughter.

Henry Eastman has surgery to repair the damage that has kept him from fathering any more children and has a son, named Milton. His brother Patrick has children older than his half-brother.

 Book Three, Countdown introduces the grandchildren of Sylvia Drake Eastman O'Neil.

Lyman, Henry, Randal and Sylvia have passed on and the newly named Trans Global Energy is now in the hands of the children and grandchildren. It's also getting closer to the time when Yellowstone can erupt, the question is "What if it doesn't happen?'

I leave this book off at Trump's election. I'm in the planning stages of a fourth book incorporating many of the advances of solar, wind, hydrogen, wave and other alternative forms of energy coming out today. Europe is going through a revolution since Russia invaded Ukraine in converting to different forms of energy away from fossil fuels. There's currently another revolution in urban gardening, underground gardening to fight climate change. This can be added to the Fan Plan.


Lydia said...

Interesting! Good luck with book four. This series does sound like a good one.

P M Prescott said...

Thank you, Lydia

Judy said...

The series sounds good... can't wait to see how your siblings make out!

P M Prescott said...

Judy, they keep the faith in saving civilization.

Tanith Davenport said...

Sounds like an interesting series.

P M Prescott said...

It is even if I do say so myself, Tanith.