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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Final WC for 2022


This year's final WC. What crafty things do you do?

I used to do plastic canvass. I made the edges to my desk Calander, paper tray, note holder, paperclip holder, pen holder and tissue paper holder, in school colors.

Did them all over again when I moved to different schools.

It gave me something to do with my hands while watching TV.

I also made folders for note pads and letter pads. Many of those that I made I gave away as Secret Santa gifts.

Wife and daughter still do this and go to craft groups at church and library to this day. You would not believe the treasure trove of yarn our house. Plastic canvass is not easy to come by. Hobby Lobby is about the only place that has it in stock.

Since I started writing novels and short stories my time is not taken up with reading, writing, editing, and publishing.

A month ago, our church had a festival and let members set up a table to sell arts and crafts. I sold one I Maury book. Wife and daughter sold the most of anyone there that day.

Daughter is now into crocheting and just got someone to show her to use my mother's sewing machine she inherited. This is why I have to do my writing either at the office or the library. They've evicted me from writing at home.


Lydia said...

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who knows how to do plastic canvass before. Now that’s a unique skill!

P M Prescott said...

Lydia, wish I had some pictures to show you them, but don't have any right now.