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Saturday, June 13, 2020

My Biggest Seller

Way back in 2011 when I discovered the joys of e-publishing on Smashwords and Amazon I wrote a short story about the Quiver Full movement. Those in the moral mafia who spurn birth control and try to have as many children as possible.
I posted it on Amazon and they require that the story be at least .99. 
Miriam is a young woman who's been home schooled and earned a degree online. Her brother needs her to get a job to help his household financially. He's not found her a husband and their family is growing adding to the quivers of the believers of children for God.
Helmut finds a woman with genius level mathematical skills at a job fair. His publishing company is trying to expand and he needs new blood to help it grown. With her skills he thinks he found a gold mine, but her Puritanical upbringing might not be suitable for the work environment. He knows it's going to be a race between whether he will corrupt her, or she will convert him. 
I include in it some R rated sexual material and it was listed as erotica since it isn't suited for school age.
For some strange reason Amazon priced the book at 0. or free. There were 500 downloads the first day, 722 the second day, 68 the third day and around 40 the fourth day. Only three copies paid. 
Over 1200 copies and I pocketed less than two bucks. I got one review, the reader was upset there wasn't any erotica in it. The sales stopped.
It is the most heavily downloaded of all my e-books. Wish that even at .35 per download went into my pocket. It reached the top 50 for erotic literature on Amazon. It's adult not porno. 
If you want to know the the "Think Tank" is you'll have to read the story.
This was before Kindle Direct Publishing and unlimited. It was also the golden age of more readers and fewer writers, not the case today.
I've edited it and revised it and re-released it. Bright shiny new cover, even.

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Berthold Gambrel said...

I will check it out. Right now am reading the new edition of Fan Plan and enjoying it.