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Friday, April 10, 2020

Pictures from Long Ago

College friends are posting their pictures, some with me in them from when we were younger and dumber. I've matched them with mine, so I think I'll share them here too. This is photos from high school

1972 New Mexico state champion in the mile. The main reason for my victory was Anthony Sandoval of Los Alamos scratched from the race. He wanted to set the state record in the two mile. Anthony went on to Stanford and finished 4th in the Olympic trials in 1976. He finished first in the 1980 Olympic trials only to be denied the chance to win Olympic gold due to the U.S. boycott imposed by President Carter.
I earned a full scholarship to Wayland, where I went on to major in history and minored in English. Twenty seven years of teaching was made possible with this picture.

My nemesis senior year was Lionel Ortega. That's me to his right. We traded wins every time we ran against each other. He won district and I won state. Think I got the better of the wins.

 Me running, can't remember the stadium or the race.

 I was a junior and Shane Page was a sophomore. We ran an AAU race and set the state age record for a 40X440 yard two man relay. Talk about wasted after that race.

Summer after Junior year spent in Este Park, Colorado. This was my huddle group for the Fellowship of Christian Athlete camp.

Right before state meet cross-country fall of 1970.

State runner ups in state as a team fall 1970. I came in fifth. Second from the left was Richard Ramos, he finished second. I'm second from the right.

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