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Friday, April 17, 2020


Wow, mix Norse and Elves together fighting a demon in the guise of half man half boar. 
A Norseman's hunting party is wiped out and he tries to get to a stone circle where a signal fire is kept to warn his village. The wood is missing and in order to save himself he goes into the center of the circle.
He enters into the realm of elves and normally would be killed, but an oak tree decides to save him. Mandred's blood is replaced by the Oaks and he become more than human. 
The elves don't trust him, but he convinces their queen to help him kill the Manboar. An Elfhunt is formed with Mandred as their leader, a centaur, a sorceress, a healer, four elven men and seven elvish wolves. Naturally there's distrust by the elvish for being lead out of their realm by someone they don't fully trust. Nuramon and Farodin are wooing Noroelle. Before leaving on the quest she makes them promise to protect each other's lives to avoid a fight between them.
 I don't want to spoil the quest and stop there.
 It's well told, has complex characters and for a quest keeping you wanting more while tossing in surprises. A bonus is that it's not only available on Unlimited, but free audio. It has two sequels also on Unlimited.
If you're up for a rip roaring tale of fantastical creatures, magic, demons, and mayhem. This one is for you.
I checked the reviews on Amazon. There are over a thousand so far. I don't write reviews when there's that many. My voice would be drowned out. You'd expect there to be a few negative reviews, but 80% are four and five stars.


Berthold Gambrel said...

Sounds like a good fantasy adventure. I don't usually bother reviewing the books that have more than a hundred reviews, either.

P M Prescott said...

Thanks Berthold, you'd like it, if you have the time.