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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to normal

Starting to recover from long drives on the trip. 2,000 miles in four days took alot out of us, but we needed to get away from home, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Northern New Mexico and Colorado, spend time with friends. We got to pet and spend time with Anne and Daryl's horses, dogs and cats. Everything was white with snow, but the roads were clear. I took her a carepackage of green chile and more copies of Friends Forever, her children's book I desktop publish for her. We had good food and pleasant conversation ending way too soon. They're wanting us to go back up this summer to go horseback riding. There's still a lot of water under the bridge between now and then, but it would be nice, if not this summer then the next. Driving up to Denver from Gunnison was spectacular. Anne said it started snowing right after we left, but it stayed on the other side of Monarch Pass. It was nice and clear on the side we were on.

In Nebraska we visited Linda's brother and mom. Time is getting short for Rose so the little time we spent was important. She's in an excellent nursing home; Bob and Glenda check on her and she's eating three good meals a day and at the last check-up with the doctor her heart is still strong and lungs are clear. She can't wait for it to warm up and spend time outdoors. Driving home across Kansas was rather dreary after the snow topped mountains of Colorado. Between Clayton, NM and Springer we stopped at Gladstone general store. Talk about in the middle of nowhere! It had nice tourist type stuff with horses on everything and different types of homemade flavored honey and jam.

We had planned on staying home in our jammies Saturday to recover and it was a good thing. We had up to 77mph winds all day long. A real good day to stay inside.
I spent yesterday getting malware cleaned off my computer. I cost a hundred bucks through McAfee and three hours for one of their online technicians to go through everything and clean it up, but that's a lot cheaper than the tech companies around here that want $200 just to look at it.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a terrific trip that covered many interesting states with nice people and great relatives! My best to you both! :)

P M Prescott said...

And to you, Michael