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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Question

Name five of your favorite Manly Men from TV, past or present.

1. Magnum - Magnum PI

2. Kirk - Original Star Trek

3. The Fonz - Happy Days

4. Michael Weston - Burn Notice

5. Grisham - CSI

Now it's up to my readers to comment and leave yours.


Unknown said...

1.) Mike Connors as "Mannix"
2.) Carroll O'Connor as Sheriff Bill Gillespie in TV's "In the Heat of the Night"--Carroll said this role was his proudest!
3.) Bob Newhart: The first "Bob Newhart Show"
4.) Adam West: "Batman"
5.) David Jansen: Ohara, "US Treasury"

P M Prescott said...

All very good choices, Michael