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Friday, April 30, 2010

Retired again

  • Yesterday the parties in the case I was working on reached a settlement. Today I went in, boxed up all the documents and said goodbye to being a legal assistant. It was work. It was interesting. It was fun, to an extent. I feel good for the client who was vindicated as much as the legal system allows on things like this.
  • We were going to have a focus group this Saturday to present all the exhibits and see if they would be understandable to a jury. I had set up the box lunches, contacted some golfing buddies and teachers from school who were looking forward to doing this. It was kind of a let down for them when I called and said they wouldn't be needed.
  • I received my state sales tax id # in the mail today. Next week I will go down to city hall and get a business license, not that I'll be needing it much anymore.
  • I talked to a young man today who's a student at art school in Santa Fe about turning Optimus into a graphic novel. He's interested and has already read the book (daughter's on again off again now on again boy friend). He said he'd work on the opening pages of the book and we can go on from there.
  • At the Captain I've had a little to say about the movie: Legend of Bagger Vance.


Unknown said...

Funny to read about "on-again-off gain" boyfriend! :D)

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for your sense of humor, Michael. Sometimes that's the only way to deal with things.