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Friday, April 02, 2010

Painting the town red

Anne Littlewolf is in town. She came in on Wed and we had a nice evening chatting and getting caught up. Yesterday we went through the Albuquerque Museum to look at the art work there, then visited a couple of galleries in Old Town. One of the gallery owners is closing his shop at the end of the month and is opening up an art school in Los Lunas. They've set up where Anne can come down a weekend a month to teach in a hands on environment. Setting this up is worth her trip down here.

Have to finish that thought later.


Well, I'm back. While I was writing the post this morning I got a call from a lawyer friend and he gave me a job as a legal assistant helping him out on a trial coming up next month and he needed me right then. I spent a couple of hours helping him and I'll be doing a number of things next week. I'll have to get a business license and will most likely get creamed on income tax and social security. I got to thinking: wow my retirement lasted all of one day!

While I was tied up Anne went back to Old Town and found a place that is letting her put up some of her work on consignment. We then fought with our printer to see if we could get some of her paintings to print out to her satisfaction. The pictures she has and the printer aren't up to snuff, but she does have some options up in Colorado and she's been given the name of someone here who does prints of artwork.
Then we went to Fudrucker's so she could meet the curmudgeons. Russ showed up and he was greatly appreciated. It must have been a busy day for the others. Still Anne, Grinnygranny and I had a nice time talking about various things.

Who says things slow down when you retire? I've never had to juggle so many different things at once in my life!

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