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Saturday, April 24, 2010


This was one long tough week.
I'm starting to get into the groove of things in my new office setting. Still when you've spent years getting off work around 3 and walking home for a nice nap; I'm a little out of shape for this driving in rush hour traffic, 9-5 stuff.
Took Mom to the hospital Tuesday evening. Daughter had been with her all day and she was getting worse. They finally admitted her around 1:30am Wednesday. Gave her some pain medication and and anti-nausia stuff. They ran tests that day and released her Thursday evening. The hospital was packed with sick kids, seems a nasty little stomach flu is making the rounds. Daughter had it two weeks ago, Son had it, then I had it and wife had it all last week.
The doctor concluded she didn't have the stomach flu, but was having a reaction to an anti-biotic.
Daughter took her out for a haircut yesterday afterwards, wife, daughter and Mom had a nice dinner at Olive Garden. Hopefully all is well with her now.
We brought her little poodle home with us for those two nights. The cat wasn't too sure about having another dog in the house and let us know about.
I'm taking wife and daughter out to Japanese Kitchen for some good teppan yaki this afternoon as a kind of reward for some of the help they've given me with this new job.
I need some rest!


Unknown said...

Continued good thoughts and prayers for your Mom, PM.

P M Prescott said...

They are appreciated, Michael