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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Temporarily back to normal

Grade book is now up to date, and I'm making due. It will be a while before I get a new computerf from the tech department (I'm on the list). I miss the laptop, it had seen its better days, but you don't work with something for six years without a certain amount of attatchment. When I got it, boy was it miles better than the first one which had Window 98. This was XP with Office Professional, twice the speed, CDR and what even most laptops today lack an RCA jack which could hook up to a TV to show powerpoint and movies. Hard to think that before lightpros came down in price that was the best way to have students see a powerpoint presentation. Two years ago it crashed and I had to reinstall, it just never worked the same again. It was slower and I lost the video drive so it wouldn't show movies. By that time the school had purchased everyone cheap DVD players so that wasn't a problem. Still what was cutting edge just a few years ago is now little more than scrap and of little value. I had to go into all my e-mail addresses and other sights and change the passwords, which I should have done more often anyway. The computer I'm using now is so slow and freezes up anytime you try to get it to do more than one function that I'm ready to take a sledge hammer to it. The hunk of junk is wanting to install updates so I need to get off right now.


Unknown said...

Yes, I relate to this tale. I had an IBM Think Pad that became embroiled in a nasty repair center bankruptcy requiring me to show up with the police and file a claim. When I learned how many claimants there were I dropped my case and moved on to get it reaired. I won't ruin your day by telling you how many thousands this cost me, but in the end I had an XP Home version and a rebuilt from scratch PC. When it died in 2007 after about 2 years, I couldn't find an IBM, only to learn that some outfit named Lenovo (an idiot name for a PC maker) bought out 90% of IBM PC's. I wound up with another brand after the durability of the Think Pad was gone. A fine machine I miss now with Vista.

P M Prescott said...

Vista is hard to get used to, my computer at home has it. It also won't take my gradebook program or I'd be using it instead of the grant desktop cluttering up my desk right now.