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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Smooth sailing

Finally getting adjusted to the new schedule at school. I still think it is the stupidest schedule ever devised, and tell everyone within earshot what I think of it and how much better the 4X4 would have been -- not that anyone is listening.

Mom is signing the papers on her new house tomorrow and then there are the joys of packing and moving, but the rewards of getting her out of that awful apartment make it well worth it, and besides she'll be coming to get her couch and microwave that much sooner.
Last I heard Penni is doing well.
We're still trying to get M a job so she can start filling up the Windstar with her own money.
There was a nice truck parked at the car lot down the road from us. a new model, V8 engine with automatic transmission and very reasonably priced. I was thinking of trading in my truck (I don't drive it much except to the dump and the golf course, but I'm really tired of shifting the standard transmission.) anyway I took a look at it and decided to keep what I have, the windows were tinted so dark it would have been like driving in a cave.
E drives the truck some, his 3 year old step son really likes looking out and seeing everthing he can't see from his seat in the car.

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Unknown said...

p m: With the heat of Arizona this summer I saw many cars with that dark tinting. It is actually illegal, but people get away with it. I too test drove a vehicle--a Honda Element. And although it drove beautifully, I'll stick with my old paid for vehicle. There's something about car payments I detest. Hang in!