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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Political Post

I've purposely not mentioned the name of the Republican VP nominee, though I have given my impression of her. I would really rather not sully this blog by mentioning either of that party's candidates.

The Yikes blog summed up my thoughts pretty well:

Look at what’s happened since the closing night of the Democratic Convention. Sen. Obama gave what was indisputably a great speech — a historic speech. A speech that people should have been talking about for DAYS. But did they? NO, because politics is war, and McCain shot back immediately with his Gov. Sarah Palin assault rifle. And guess what has happened? For more than a week now all people are talking about is SARAH PALIN.
McCain had a full week of publicity for his campaign, while Sen. Obama pretty much fell off the radar screen.
And guess who is helping fuel the fire? The so-called progressive blogosphere.

Political ju-jitsu -- use the other person's strength agains them. The political party of indignation using the dems indignation to give their candidates a week of free publicity because they don't know how to shut the @#$% up. I've watched two Bill Maher specials on HBO and on both of them the women on his panel kept telling him to lay off of her, that any jokes he makes against her only makes him look like a bully and she gets the sympathy vote, and he's too stupid to listen.

For those who have been faithful readers of this blog during the primary season I supported Hillary Clinton, my choice was not supported by the others voting at the time. Time to move on. 
I had great respect for Barak Obama at the time and have seen him grow in the process. I felt that Clinton would weather a brutal mudslinging campaign better than Obama, but he proved by winning the nomination that he has the resilience to back bounce from the body blows leveled at him. He has my full support.

My take on this election is that it is a referendum on the American Spirit. The dividing line between the Democrats and Republicans is Reason and Superstition.

Reason is based on the real world and trying to figure it out in order to solve problems. Listen to Obama's speeches whether it's on race or the economy, or health care, terrorism or taxes. He difines the problem and lists ways in which they can be solved. I know, I know it's academic, dry, boring, makes the average listener actually have to think, but he approaches the American Public as equals and has a basic belief that we can vote for someone who knows what they are doing. 
The Republicans love to quote Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, yet in that book is one of the best examples of how reason works I've ever read: "When two men disagree on a subject they may discuss and debate the issue, but they let reality dicide for them which one is right. One may be right and the other wrong, but both profit." (I didn't feel like scanning the entire book to quote this word for word, but you get the idea)
Notice what decides the issue is reality. This reinforces my opening statement: Reason is based on reality.
Notice Republican advertizing: It has a complete disconnect with reality.
Think of all the things in the last eight years that Bush has said that are unreasonable. "I know in my heart I'm right." concerning his invasion of Iraq.
"I looked it his eyes (Putin)..."
Are the current Republican candidates any different? They have a one size fits all explanation for everything: "He was a POW."

Superstition: is based on blind faith or "belief" which is determined by emotion. In politics the emotion that is played on is fear. The Republicans have used the fear card since 1948 and fall of China to Mao ZeDong. Richard Nixon's entire political rise was do to being a "Red baiter" 
Superstitious people don't think for themselves they get everything they need to know from an authority figure who has a simple solution to a complex question, and a catch phrase that acts as a manta. . 
God said it, I believe it, that settles it.
My Country Right or Wrong.
America Love it or Leave it.
 When you try to discuss an issue they only know the talking points they've been coached in and that's all they can say even if it makes no sense compared to the facts. If the facts don't fit their belief then obviously the facts are wrong. How else can you explain the disconnect for over a hundred and fifty years between the facts of evolution mentioned even in the Bible with Creationism? Why they still stubbornly insist Iraq had something to do with the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, when from all gathered facts Iraq in no way threatened us. Why? Because Bush said so, because Cheney said so and God elected them to office.
There is no arguing with a person who has their mind made up, don't confuse it with facts.

Will Obama reason with the American Public and will the voters look at the reality that Republicans have done to the system of government since Richard Nixon to destroy our checks and balances?
Will they understand the reality of the bankrupt policy of "Trickle down economics" refuted in 1896 by William Jennings Bryan in his Cross of Gold Speech, buried temporarily after the nightmare of the Great Depression and Roosevelt's New Deal, only to be revived by Ronald Reagan that has led to the last 28 years of Savings & Loan and banking corruption that is now culminating in the economic and real estate melt down?
Will they realize that in those 28 years the only time of peace and prosperity (with a ballanced budget) we've enjoyed came under a democratic presidency, who only had 2 years with a democratic majority in congress?
Will the voters look at the reality of so many other problems too numerous to list or discuss here or listen to the fake father figures that blame everything that has happened on the political party out of power for the last eight years and then say "Trust me?"

It's an election of reality versus media spin. A real nailbiter!

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Unknown said...

I treasure that we have dialogue in our society where other countries sadly do not. I hear a great deal about how the young people in China are changing that country. I hope this is so. But one thing they do not have yet is our freedom to share and exchange new ideas. Regardless of party moniker, I look at the person and I try most sincerely to envision true dialogue between the parties and not the bickering. Maybe that's why I don't follow politics (or boxing). Best to you, p m!