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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maximum inconvenience

Got up early to play some golf, got in 9 holes, it would have been nice to do the whole 18, but I wouldn't have had time to finish before the anticipated 1:00 pm reporting time for jury duty. Checked to see if I needed to go in, had to report at 2:30 (could have done 18 if I had known this). Had lunch with Grinnygranny and reported. At 2:45 they told us to go home. Now I need to report tomorrow at 10:00 am. They wonder why no one wants to be on jury duty.


Unknown said...

You have a wonderful hobby here, P M! I took lessons for about 6 months before I sold my clubs. It was taking away from my guitar passion. But I so admire your diligence!

P M Prescott said...

Stay with your passion. I played the Clarinet and by the time I thought I wanted to learn the guitar I had too much arthritis in my fingers to do it.