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Thursday, July 03, 2008

4th of July weekend

We canceled our trip to Colorado to visit Anne Littlewolf, had to buy tires for the van, replace an ABS module and on the truck redo the front end and replace shocks. Dad once told me that when you have a car you can't afford anything else. With gas prices rising that is really becoming true. I thought long and hard before fixing the truck of trading it in on  a newer vehicle, but decided that I didn't need monthly payments. Hopefully that's the last they'll need for some time. Anne's bought a carriage so she can hire out to the local brides for weddings. She's competing in an artist contest this weekend doing pictures in chalk on businesses sidewalks, it would really be nice to see her at work. Maybe we can make it up there labor day. Kind of an iffy time in that part of Colorado.

Bought fireworks for tomorrow, hope the grandkids like them.
Grinnygranny and I have a tee time for Saturday at Paako ridge golf course. We're only going to play the nine hole course. I've tried to play there for three summers and never could get up there, now I'll finally have the chance.

One week of Jury duty left, haven't been called in yet, don't think I will.

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