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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I've got a cold in my nose

  • Really rotten timing. Started coming down with a cold Friday. There was a department party at the dept. chair's house Saturday. It was an unofficial goodbye for Robyn as she's going downhill very fast. I had to call and express my regrets as I didn't want to give her this cold.
  • I did take Grinnygranny out shopping for black pants and a skirt she just had to have to go with the new BCNM shirt everyone is going to wear. She's going to convention Monday and will be out of town for a few days. E's working evenings so I'm going to be by myself. I like having a few hours after school to to rest up and relax before she gets home from work, but I really hate being alone at night. It just doesn't feel right. Nothing on T.V. grabs my attention and I get restless. The house feels so empty. It takes these few days every year for me to really appreciate her.
  • The worst part of having a cold on the weekend is I don't have the enegy to golf. Maybe I'll feel good enough to get in some playing time while Grinnygranny's out of town.


Anonymous said...

So who was that masked man? Ah-ha, the Greek Shadow!

lime said...

thanks for the visit by my place and the comments re: my rant.

i had that cold earlier inthe week. hope you're feeling better soon.

1 plus twins said...

sorry your not feeling well. hope you get better really fast.