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Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's here!

  • We have the new refrigerator. It's a few inches narrower than the older one, but at least it works. Wow ten years ago we got 20 cubic feet today the same price will only get you 18.2.
  • School has turned into a comfortable routine, though without a prep it's hell keeping up with the grading. One of our Ass principles left for an alternative school, and they are revisiting making us all turn in lesson plans. It only takes me about two minutes to edit and print the textbooks lesson plans, but I could do without having to use up precious ink to do it. Since the printer is mine and the cost of the ink cartridges come out of my pocket.
  • I'm staying out of things this year, playing it by ear if I return next year or not. A lot depends on what happens with the sales of my book, should the publisher ever send me the galley proofs (it's been two weeks since they said they'd get them to me and I'm getting antsy).
  • E's missing Ritchie. Not being able to take him trick-0r-treating this year brought it home to him.


grandma1 said...

P said she had talked to E. I hope he pays attention to what she had to say. M had her TAK test for science today. She said it went well. She was the first one finished. Tomorrow is the social studies test. You can't believe the ditto papers tha she is doing. This school seems to think that is home work.

1 plus twins said...

glad things seem to be going smoothly. why do you have to pay for your ink?? that is crazy. i hope you hear on your book soon!!