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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I hate DST

You forget just how many clocks you have until either the power goes off or Daylight Savings Time. At least when the power goes off you don't have to reset your wrist watches and the ones that are battery powered. With DST they all have to be changed. I haven't been out to the cars yet to change them, but most of the ones in the house are all changed.
E has a girl friend and has been rather scarce ever since he hooked up with her. Saturday we're taking them to lunch so we can finally meet the mystery lady. She has a three year old and a six year old. It's made him miss Ritchie a little more. He said that he noticed at work he has his child radar back on and didn't even notice when it had stopped.
Looking forward to Grinnygranny's staff retreat Thursday and Friday. She's going up to Glorieta Thursday morning, I'll drive up after school, spend the night and we'll be back home Friday evening. It'll be the first time we've been to Glorieta since all the renovation. I hope the book store is open and I can set up some book signings in the Spring and Summer.
I'm about half way through reviewing the page proofs. Hope to have it over in a few more days and can sign off. I've found a few revisions, but at 95,000 words that's to be expected.


1 plus twins said...

poor E! that has to be hard. don't give the new girl too many problems!! lol ok let me get this straight you live in new mexico and have day light savings but here in arizona we don't. i don't get it?? how do they decide who does and who doesn't? when i lived in ohio we did but not here. i just don't understand!!

P M Prescott said...

Each state decides. Arizona has voted DST down everytime it's brought up.

BAC said...

It's amazing to me that politicians can decide when the sun sets and rises! (smile)