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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

TTT My Last Ten Reads


I'm currently writing a novel about the life of Matthew Fontaine Maury and am researching through five different biographies. I've decided to re-read some of my favorited authors to catch up for the next book in their series due to come out this year. They're like curling up on a couch in front of a fire and having a chat with old friends.

I just finished the 54th book, The Killer, in the Casca Eternal Mercenary series. Tony's written now 30 of them. In this one he's fighting in the Algerian Civil War during the 1950's for the French Foreign Legion. I'm not re-reading the other thirty books, they're stand alone.

There are currently five books in the Dark Elvin series: Dark Blade, Heir of Gorridan, Okra's Tower,Faerown's War, The Mountains of Butchock. A new one is due out this year. The last few books Roberts has unleashed Faerowen's sensual side.

The Kastania Chronicles are by far the best fantasy series I've ever read, even better than Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. They now comprise Prince of Wrath, House of Lust, Patch of Pride, Throne of Envy, and God's of Gluttony. I can't wait for the next one coming out this fall.
All told there's many more than ten books here, but I count each series as one extended book.


Lydia said...

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! It's great to see you around again. :)

You've really piqued my interest about The Kastania Chronicles. How much violence and/or graphic descriptions of people getting hurt are in them? I don't mind action at all, but I can't do blood and gore these days. :)

P M Prescott said...

Roberts is adept at battle scenes and there are plenty of them, but not gruesomely told. The Koros family is a lusty bunch and then there are the Bragalese witches that enslave men with sex.

Lydia said...

Good to know. Thanks.

Leelynn said...

Good luck with your biography! I can't imagine how much research it would take to write one. Let us know when it ends up getting published!