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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Another Wednesday Challenge

Hmmm... What do you read when you're not feeling well?

Since I started using a C-pap machine I haven't had a single cold or flu in three years. I have had some problems that put me in bed for a spell. Fell and broke my hand, fell and wrenched my back, just had cataract surgery one more to go. Two basil cell melanoma's removed.
I get my dog Sammi and she lies down next to me and sleeps. I have to bother her a few times when she starts moving her legs like she's running. Then I grab my Kindle fire and read or listen. No matter how many times I read or listen to these books I am entertained and enlightened.

If my eyes are bothering me I can't read for any length of time. I have 22 of Barry Sadler's: Casca audio books on my phone and Kindle. I listen to them in chronological order, not by published order. I've heard them so many times if I fall asleep, when I wake up I know where I am and don't have to backtrack.

 Michael Scott-Earl has a number of books in his Tamer: King of Dinosaurs series.  He's in a subset of fantasy called "harem novels." They're silly and having been married for over 40 years I know you'll never get five or ten women living together with one man and everything is hunky dory. It's escapism. Sex is mentioned, but nothing as detailed as women's romance books. In this series a guy is beemed off of earth to a distant planet by unknown aliens where dinosaurs rule. Others are periodically beemed onto the planet from other parts of the universe making for a wide variety of other life forms. Victor has the ability if he comes in contact with a dinosaur to mind meld and tame it. He then has a pet brontosaurus, or triceratops. He avoid male aliens as they usually try to kill him, and instead rescues female aliens and they begin to build a compound that is rampage proof from larger dinosaurs and hostile bands of aliens.

Alert: Right now Michael Scott-Earl has been banned by Amazon. You can get his books as audio, but cannot buy his hardcopy or e-books. He's in a legal dispute that is supposed to be resolved in a few weeks.

Tony Roberts: The Kastania Series.
Roberts has written 35 Casca books and that's what he's most known for, but starting with Empire of Avarice set in the empire of Kastania there is a series of books that becomes multi-generational. The empire is beset by hostile neighbors. One family decides to take control of the empire as the other noble families are only draining the empire's resources to enrich themselves. There are fantasy elements, but this more about fighting to preserve and empire and keeping political power.
Another series of his is about a half dark elf and human raised as an outcast with humans until her mother dies and she is forced to leave and discover her elven side. This is quest story and fantastic fantasy.


Lydia said...

Wow, it's awesome that using a c-pap machine has had such a positive impact on your health!

Tamer sounds like it would be a very interesting book to read.

Oh, and by the way, the link to your post on the long and short reviews blog isn't working.

My post.

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for letting me know, Lydia.