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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Books to movies

Today's challenge by Lydia is: What books would you like to see turned into a movie or series.

1. The Dragon Riders series of books by Anne McCaffery. There are books with dragons and books about the harpers who have fire lizards as pets.

2. The Casca the Eternal Mercenary series of books, now at 49 and counting. TV series on History Channel or Sci Fi could do a book every three of four episodes.

3. The First Man in Rome series, by Colleen McCullagh. The history channel, or BBC could do a cheap daily soap opera like I Claudius. The series runs from the rise of Marius to the ascension of Octavian after the deaths of Anthony and Cleopatra. This could run for decades.

4. The Source by James Michener. It's a series of short stories held together by the discovery of artifacts by archaeologists. Each short story could be an episode that would cover two or three seasons on the Networks or four to five on the shorter series of cable channels.


Berthold said...

With all the different settings and stories, and how long it's been around, I'm amazed Casca hasn't been made into a series yet.

P M Prescott said...

The stories are simple and settings and costumes for the different time periods are plentiful in studios vaults.