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Monday, September 02, 2013

Fan Plan: Meteor Strike

Finally getting a handle on the pricing of books I've reached a conclusion. Keeping the cost of the book at retail to $10.00 I've edited out thirty thousand words and reduced the font to 9 and 10. Not satisfactory.
The book has to be readable and font that size is just too small. Cutting so much back story and other places made the story a little too Spartan.
So I'm turning the story into three books.
Book one I've named Fan Plan: Meteor Strike bringing back the Drake and Eastman family history. The story starts with the meteor strike in 1965 and the formulation of the Fan Plan then back tracks to the 1920's with the creation of Trans Global Oil and Fort Worth Steel. It will end in 1969 as Patrick Eastman and his O'Neal half-brothers go through Faith Boot camp.
Book 2 will cover the 1970's through 2000 as the third generation of Eastman's and O'Neal's head off to college, get married and start working for the company and foundation.
Book three will end in 2012 adding the fourth generation of children.
By breaking up the story I'm able to devote more time to fully explore the wide variety of characters in the family and all the measures they take to prepare for a world wide disaster.

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