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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh My!

Wife called this morning, someone at work picked up an abandoned dog and wanted to know if anyone wanted it. We have a persnickety cat and a German Shephard that's two years old and still very much puppy. We'd talked just this morning before heading out to work that the mutt needed a companion to help settle him down. So I said yes.
A little later a guy called and I gave him directions to the office. He showed up with an adorable looks like a mix between a small fox terrior and a border collie. Wife wanted me to drive up to her office and he was fine sitting in the seat next to me on the way up. All the ladies in her office had to hold  him and pet him, he just ate it up. On the way back he insisted on sitting in my lap. I don't know why people spoil small dogs like this because it's not easy trying to drive that way. Son came up and took him home now the debate is on over the name. I keep telling everyone to wait until we get home and can discuss it, but they keep texting me with suggestions. Evidently he's getting on with the other mutt, not too sure about the cat.

My client took me out to lunch today for Administrative Assistant day. I've never thought of myself as a secretary, (more of a gloried gofer) and since I bill him and am not an employee it caught me by surprise. It was a nice lunch.


Unknown said...

P M: This sounds Great!

P M Prescott said...

So far he's been a delight.