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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catch up

  • I'm still working on the story Bona Dea which is about bringing the Good Goddess back to life who starts a religion of Love and Happiness to restore and rehibilitate all the damage that's been done on the planet by evil forces that destroy everything to make money. Whew! Got all that out in one sentence. It's not only complicated in trying to write from a New Age point of view, but I've chosen to write all the narrative in present or future tense. At 33,000 words after dusting off a short story to turn it into a novel in November it's proceeding slowly, but I feel my writing improve in this process.
  • Novels Fan Plan, Stephanus, and others in the works are on hold right now, but that's the good thing about having more than one iron in the fire. When I get blocked on one story I turn to another work on it a bit and pick up where I left off on the other story with fresh eyes.
  • Last week I did a lot of driving between the office down to the courthouses in Los Lunas and Bernalillo. Part of me wishes this screwy case will finally close so I don't have to drive so much, but the other part kind of likes cashing the checks this case is putting into my bank account. The week before I did get a lot of writing done, but generated no income. Still nice to have a place where I can sit and write undisturbed.
  • Taking daughter down to Los Cruces Friday. She's going to the State Democratic Convention meeting on Saturday. While she's rubbing shoulders with all the politicians wooing her vote I'm hoping to get a round of golf in on a course I haven't played before.

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