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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


  • Mom's doing well. M took her a computer so maybe she'll have the energy to post on her blog. They've told her that she'll be there until the middle of next week because they want to make sure she can be by herself.
  • Bruce is apoplectic over the selection of pornographer in chief Kenneth Starr becoming president of Waco Junior College (What Wayland alumni call Baylor). Can't say I blame him. After Russell Dilday was shitcanned at Southwestern BTS and the Fundies took over the largest theological seminary in the world (subsequently diminishing the number of students and losing that distinction) Baylor created an alternative seminary. Now the nitwits have that one too. The mental midgets are Marabunta (Army Ants) consuming everything in their path leaving only a scorched earth. Maybe we can nominate "born again" Larry Flint to be president of the SBC. If it's okay for Starr to publish that much pornography on the internet why not?
  • I'm on the countdown to retirement. Six weeks and over 27 years of my life comes to a close. On the bright side the state house of reps has passed a bill ending what's called double dipping, or sitting out a year and then coming back to teach being able to collect regular paycheck and retirement. It doesn't go into affect until July 1 of this year, so I'm still eligible to double dip. But with the cuts they're making to education across the board all districts will be reducing staff for the next few years. The possibility of getting back into APS after a year will be slim. 50+ students per class is one way to deal with a teacher shortage.

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