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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hospital Time

Mom's in the hospital with pneumonia. She was reluctant to go, but she'd been unable to lift her head off the bed for three days, hadn't eaten anything and drank very little. I spent most of Sunday night with her in the emergency room. After I came back to get a sub and leave lesson plans they finally found her a temporary room in what they call provisional care. She was finally put into a regular room last night. Auntypesty spent most of the day and evening with her while I caught up on sleep and had the Writers2Writers meeting last night. Mom's not too happy I made her go by ambulance, but when my father-in-law fell and hurt his back I transported him to the emergency room where they left him sitting with two crushed vertebrae for three hours because all their attention was focused on those coming in by ambulance. I learned two things that night: I could have severely injured him and no matter how much they may fuss about the cost of an ambulance use it.


Unknown said...

ER's are terrible places for everyone in such instances.

P M Prescott said...

Yes they are.