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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to Rant

To finish up on my thoughts concerning Mark Rudd's book.

  • He seemed to be one of the leaders of the SDS and Weathermen, but only followed someone else's ideas. Every major decision which led to them becoming criminals and having to hide from the law -- including the decision to go underground -- came from someone else. He only agreed with them.
  • The demonstrators didn't mind getting arrested as long as Mom and Dad put up the bail money.
  • All protesting did for him was to make a dean's list top student from Columbia live for seven years like a high school drop-out.
  • It was interesting that when he went underground, getting married and starting a family, leaving behind the life of sex, drugs and rock n roll his perspective changed.
This is from Thurman Heart at Xpatriated Texan:
We’re talking, after all, about Max Baucus of Montana, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, Susan Collins of Maine, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, and Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Collectively those six states contain about 2.74 percent of the population, less than New Jersey, or about one fifth the population of California.

Now look at the ratings for these Senators on abortion (from On the Issues):
Baucus – rated 100% by NARAL and 0% by NRLC
Conrad – rated 43% by NARAL and 25% by NRLC
Bingaman – rated 100% by NARAL and 0% by NRLC
Collins – rated 83% by NARAL and 0% by NRLC
Enzi – rated 0% by NARAL and 100% by NRLC
Grassley – rated 0% by NARAL and 100% by NRLC

This is the “Gang of Six” (everyone has to be a “Gang of…” nowadays) that will, supposedly, hold the swing votes on what bill passes the Senate. Two members have a perfect anti-abortion voting record. What chances are there that abortion will be covered? None.

I wasn't aware that Bingamon was a part of this. All the articles I've read talked about them by group. I will be letting him know my displeasure at his stance on health care and reproductive rights.

For an even better stance on the health care issue check out fellow curmudgeon Private Buffoon he does wax eloquent at times.

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