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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Finally caught up

      I finally finished grading my finals from last month and entered in my grades. I was well ahead of the midnight tonight deadline. Normally I have my grades posted before I leave for Winter break, but this was not a normal year.
The administration gave all teachers a goodie bag with an personalized pen, a calculator that also hold business cards and a big box of glossy business cards. They're nice.
Did anyone find Icarus in the picture? If you look down from the ship you'll find two legs sticking out of the water. Nice to know they had a sense of humor over four hundred years ago.

Today's artwork is Portrait of Giovanni Amalfini and his Wife by Jan Van Eyck 1434
Can you find the artist's self portrait and signature in the picture?


Unknown said...

Very interesting, as I have an out of print book on Pan Am called "American Icarus" (since withdrawn from shelves due to a lawsuit. I beat the wire and snagged a copy!

P M Prescott said...

Very apt description for many now defunct airlines: Eastern, TWA to name a few.