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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mad rush time

Turkey day is over (nice to have four days off). We've just about eaten all of the left-overs.
Now comes the mad dash to finish the semester, give finals, grade papers and look forward to a couple of weeks with grandson. Mom's going to have him stay with her, but we'll have plenty of time with him.
So far the weather has been nice for this time of year; good news for golfers like me, but the skiers are not so happy. Santa Fe has been trying to manufacture snow, but it keeps melting on them during the day. Sandia Ski area doesn't open until after the first of year. I'm hoping for good weather so I can get more golf in. I put on ten pounds each winter when I can't get out. The exercise helps me maintain my weight, but it doesn't help me lose it once it's on.

Here's hoping everyone is going to have a fine and wonderful holiday season.

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Unknown said...

You and Your Entire Family remain in my prayers...