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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Family Tradition

This is the week when every year we hold a James Bond marathon. We have all the movies either on Video or DVD, and since there's not much else to watch we start at Dr. No and work our way to the latest. At 22 movies it fills the void.
Just for fun here's a series of questions, should those who stop by to read my words be interested answer the questions in the comments section. That's where I'll be posting mine. If you wish you can add which actor you think was the best and worst Bond, but to me it's hands down Roger Moore as the best and George Lazenby as the worst.

  1. Best movie
  2. Worst movie
  3. Best villain
  4. Worst villain
  5. Best Bond Girl
  6. Worst Bond Girl
  7. Best villainess
  8. Worst villainess
  9. Best henchmen
  10. Worst henchmen
  11. Best car
  12. Worst car
  13. Best gadget
  14. Worst gadget


P M Prescott said...

Best movie -- Spy Who Loved Me
Worst movie -- Moonraker
Best villain -- Auric Goldfinger
Worst villain -- Hugo Drax
Best Bond Girl -- "Octopussy" Maud Adams
Worst Bond Girl -- "Stacy" Tanya Roberts View To A Kill
Best villainess -- Number 9 from Thunderball
Worst villainess -- Number 13 from You Only Live Twice
Best henchmen -- "Jaws" Richard Kiel
Worst henchmen -- Mr. Went and Mr. Kidd from Diamonds are Forever
Best car -- Lotus submarine car
Worst car -- BMW XJ3 in GoldenEye
Best gadget -- Signature rifle from License to Kill
Worst gadget -- Jet pack from Thunderball

Unknown said...

P M: Roger Moore is the definitive "Bond" as far as I'm concerned. He has Class and Humor. I concur with him that modern day "Bond" has strayed too far into violence. Maud Adams! :D) Great tastes here, P M!