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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Treading water

  • Mom came home yesterday. She needs to get moved into her new house and Penni seems to have rallied enough for her to get some things done here.
  • Finally got a new computer in my classroom. It's a desktop instead of a laptop, but it's better than using a computer meant for the students. I couldn't have my test generator programs on it and had to keep my grades on a flash drive.
  • It's surprising how fast four bags (two bushels) of apples are disappearing. They are good!
  • I keep running into supporters of McCain here at school, who are against Obama because he's a "Socialist." God in Heaven, so was FDR, if you use the Republican definition for socialist. "How horrible that anyone would dare think of regulating businesses again, just look at  how wonderful Wall Street is working right now! he said sarcastically."  Are these people living in the real world? A return to the New Deal that the Republicans have systematically dismantled since 1981 is the only thing that will save our economy.
  • I supported Hillary Clinton over Obama in the primary, but made it clear I would support either candidate in the general election. Since that time (Feb of last year) Obama has been a pleasant surprise. He's grown into the position. I'm pleased to see that after the smoke screen McCain threw up in late August and early September that there is more distance between the two and Obama's numbers keep going up. I've noticed that in the local election races for Representatives and Senator that the sleezy, negative adds are working against the Republicans: about bloody time. Waiting for early voting to start so we can get that out of the way.


Unknown said...

I'm not into partisanship, p m but I do hope people vote for the person they feel in their heart will best attend to the needs of this tattered country immediately. I admire your tenaciousness and bravo on the new computer.

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for your comment.