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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Surprise speaker

I was notified yesterday that David Iglesias would be speaking to the students today. It was a shame that my Law class wasn't meeting today. I took my World History class to hear him and saw a number of my Law students in attendance, so on Monday we'll have something to discuss.
I was right by the door when he (Iglesias) walked in, shook hands with him, and he went on down to the stage. His wife and daughter were there as well. She was very gracious asking all of us what we taught. I gave her my card for Optimus.
He had a nice little talk about the importance of getting an education, working hard, and doing what is right, no matter how much that might hurt your career. It was a good message for the students to hear. Their behavior was very good considering every seat was taken in the auditorium and I knew some of them to be rather disruptive. He left plenty of time for questions and it was gratifying that the students had more questions than time allowed. It's a shame all of my classes didn't get to hear him.


Unknown said...

The students will remember a positive role model. Very inmportant and of course, it is evident how much you genuinely care for their lives to be shaped well by example! THis speaks highly of you, p m ! :)

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for the encouragement.