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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Primary over

Please, please, please, I'll tell you anything you want, just stop all the political commercials.

Do we have torture in America? Yes, it's called elections.
(To those professionally offended, here's a hint, Black Humor is always tasteless.)

The primary is over, if I hear a Republican use the word CONSERVATIVE or call their opponent(even Republicans) LIBERAL one more time I'll scream. My god play another record!

One good note: Little Miss Nasty pulled her mud slinging act against someone other than a Democrat, and maybe, just maybe (you can never tell with Republicans, remember we all thought Nixon was done for in 1960) that's the last we'll hear from her.
David Iglesias 2  Dominici/Wilson 0 (inside NM joke)

It won't be easy, but there is a possibility that NM could have 5 Dems in Washington after the general election. Then there's Lew Wallace's saying: "Whatever works anywhere else won't work in New Mexico."
When the rest of the country is spitting neocon Republicanism out of it's mouth with a look of disgust, the idiots here might go the other way.

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