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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Never a Dull moment

  • With a house full of kids and grandkids it is never quiet in this house, at least not until late at night. I love the grandkids and it is nice to have them here, but it's costing me a fortune to be sending them off the mall or a McDonalds so they can get out of the house and let me get some work done on my novel.
  • The editing is going slowly with all the diversions, but it is going. It's been two years since I looked at it and I do have fresh eyes on it.
  • Not sure if we're going to be able to take the trip up to Colorado and Nebraska next week. Car repairs are eating up all our money right now.
  • Did get a good deal on a new bumper for the Windstar. Bought a brand new one for $150 at an auto shop here when the dealer wanted $750. It's still not ready to go on a long trip without replacing an ABS switch, and that may eat up all the money we set aside for the trip. Why are these damn sensors so bloody expensive?
  • Spent part of the night with Mom, she wasn't feeling well all day. She was finally able to keep some of her medication down and food so she sent me home. Need to go over today and check on her.
  • Walked a whole 18 holes Tuesday. Usually I walk 9 or ride 18, but I've been walking enough lately I'm finally getting into shape. I even got a birdie on one hole. I'm happy if I get a par, birdies are rare for me.

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