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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Had a 12pm tee time at Cochiti golf course. This was Grinnygranny's second day of vacation. We've never played this course, which is one of the best in the state, though we've passed it by dozens of times on our way to Dixon's for apples.
It's a great course. They keep it pristine for such a dry desert setting. When you're on the cart path there's grass on one side and dirt, rocks, pinons trees, shrubs, rattle snakes and scorpions on the other. The grass side is about 20 degrees cooler. It's amazing how far the ball travels at 7000 feet elevation. It's the last course I'd want to walk. Talk about steep hills! Being the middle of the week it wasn't too busy. It's most likely crawling during the weekend.
For my non-New Mexican readers Cochiti Pueblo is twenty miles south of Santa Fe. The Pueblo is below the Dam that was built in the 70's and they control the lake. There is a small non-Native American community around the lake that has a 99 year lease, which will be up in the 2060's. The golf course is just past the community, but is run by the Pueblo -- no gambling at this Pueblo, but you pass three casinos on the way up. Never say never, but I have so far avoided playing any of the courses run by casinos, for one they are way too expensive for a teacher's salary, and two why should I help outside businesses that are draining money out of the state's economy?
We took some pictures of the lake which I'll post on another day, but by the time we got to the golf course the memory on the camera was full. We'll have to go back up for pictures again.

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1 plus twins said...

i have found that here too. sorry the grass i mean being 20 degrees cooler. until this house we had rock/desert landscaping in the back and now we have grass and it is soo much cooler!! sounds like a beautiful course minus the rattle snakes!!!